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"Communication is half the job with none of the training"

Simulation based training in advanced communciation

Communication skills are key to all aspects of healthcare. In Intensive Care we often experience the extremes; relatives of critically ill patients, strong beliefs about limitations of care, iatrogenic complications that result in admission, end of life care, colleagues whose expectations are different to ours. These are experienced in an environment unfamiliar to most, heavily technology focused, with concepts and treatments that are both hard to understand and difficult to explain. 

Our conversations create a long lasting imprint on families that lasts long after they occur


Despite featuring prominently in our clinical practice and the FICM curriculum for training in Intensive Care Medicine, we receive little training in communication and rarely have the opportunity to practice and learn with our colleagues. 

We have created this course to fill the gap. Join us for the opportunity to learn and practice communication skills in a safe environment, with expert faculty and professional actors.

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